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Quiz: Can you name this Ferrari models?

Muchos de nosotros estamos enamorados de los hermosos coches Ferrari, pero ¿qué tan bien los conoces? ¿Puedes nombrar el modelo de Ferrari simplemente mirando su foto? ¡Vamos a revisar!     Ferrari is one of the most important brands in the automotive world: it is not only the million dollar elegance of its products, but also the high quality of these, both as speed and comfort machines. But there is a reason why this sports car manufacturer is one of the most profitable companies in the world Ferrari is a sports car company based in Italy, founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929; his cars are distinguished by an incomparable combination of beauty, power and responsiveness, plus he has a unique sound that is as carefully tuned as a piece of music. The sound is an important part of the experience of driving a Ferrari, with its V12 and V8 engines, carefully elaborated takes and exhausts, it is capable of emitting an explosion of sound that resonates with the objectives of the brand to give the driver a maximum experience at every moment of your trip. The first time you drive a Ferrari and push the accelerator, you are capable of assimilating endless sensations; first, your head is sent back by the sudden power generated by the engine, at the same time, you find yourself wrapped in a beautiful sound that is unlike any other car, it is an experience you have never experienced before, then at the end of The race brake sensation is so good that it generates confidence to get back on the accelerator pedal again and again.